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How to make a watermelon cradle

A few months ago I had my sister's baby shower and decided to make a watermelon cradle as one of the 'fruit platters'.

It turned out to be quite a feature at the table!!

What you'll need:

1 whole watermelon

1/2 rockmelon

Large knife

Small paring knife

ice cream scoop

small melon scoop



2 Kiwi fruit

2-3 other fruits like orange, mandarin, pineapple to fill up the cradle.


I found the best way to cut the watermelon was to measure 3/4 across (and cut down vertically) and 1/2 way down (and cut horizontally).After making the watermelon balls with a small melon scoop, I found the easiest way to hollow out the rest of the watermelon was to use an ice-cream scoop. I bought half a rock melon, placed skin side up like a dome, I cut off the skin and then carved it with a knife for the face. I used one raspberry halved for eyes and a slice of kiwi fruit and a strawberry (held together with a tooth pick) for the dummy.

It was a lot of fun and took approximately 40 minutes to prepare.

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