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We treat each patient with care, compassion and attention to detail to reduce your pain, and get you back to what you like doing - faster!


What to expect at your first appointment


Supple Clinic Physiotherapy is a combination of assessment and treatment drawing from a wide variety of therapy principles and types. Supple Clinic Physiotherapists have experience in treating most sporting injuries, joint problems, and chronic pain issues.

Supple Clinic Physiotherapists have a good grasp of chiropractic principles and are able to support and assist chiropractic treatment with exercises, acupuncture and manipulations to assist or "fill in" for a chiropractic treatment when your chiropractor is away.

Our Physiotherapists will take a detailed history of the injury/ concerns, run through your lifestyle, job, sports/ hobbies and general medical history to form a provisional diagnosis.

They will then perform a detailed examination, explain your diagnosis or contributing factors to you in plain English, treat you using evidenced-based techniques (usually involving hands-on, exercises and personalised recommendations), and set you up with an action-appointment plan.


Before making your appointment

Our standard appointment length is normally sufficient for assessment and treatment of one problem area. Should you have multiple areas of concern, or a complex issue, we ask you to please book an extended, double session or prioritise the area you want treated.

Please forward any referral letter or Medicare or DVA Plan to us PRIOR to your appointment, otherwise we may not be able to apply to the Medicare/DVA plan to your appointment, and you will not get the rebate. 

A referral is NOT a requirement for an appointment. 

If you have a Return to Work SA claim or an Insurance claim - please get your Claims Manager in touch with us to make arrangements PRIOR to your appointment. Otherwise, if urgent, you can come to your appointment, you pay upfront, and organise the rebate from your Claims Manager yourself (we will give you a receipt). 

If you have an NDIS Plan - again we require the details prior to your first appointment.

You can email or drop in your referral / plan to us. 

What to bring to your appointment


Please bring the following:

  • Any x-rays or scans

  • Contact details of any health professional you wish for us to communicate with on your behalf.

  • Your Medicare, Private Health Fund or DVA card (whichever relevant) to ensure accurate rebate or on-the-spot claiming.

  • Any letter from your GP or Specialist - if you haven't given to us already. 


We welcome you to bring a family member or friend as support to your appointment. All children (under 18 years) must be accompanied by an adult for the whole appointment.

Physiotherapy treatments

Treatment Types

Joint Mobilisation

Joint Manipulation




Postural Assessment

Foot Assessment


Orthotic shoe inserts


Strength Training

Home Exercises




Manual Therapy

Spinal Manipulation

Conditions we treat

Work injuries

Sport injuries

Soft tissue injury


Chronic Pain

Acute Pain and Swelling


Neuropathic Pain


Muscular Pain

Joint Pain


Pregnancy Pain

Growing Pains

Poor Circulation

Headache Management

Diabetic Neuropathy

Cancer treatment induced neuropathy

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