Join our Supple Clinic family

Join our Supple Clinic family

Learn how food can be thy medicine

Learn how food can be thy medicine

Early rehab speeds recovery

Early rehab speeds recovery

Get healthy kids without nagging

Get healthy kids without nagging

Prevent injuries before they happen

Prevent injuries before they happen

Are your emotions ruling your diet?

Are your emotions ruling your diet?

New brand. Same people. Better service.

Be Smart Get Supple and Core Nutrition Adelaide are now combined as Supple Clinic.

We've known for thousands of years that optimal health and physical activity are the two main lifestyle habits a person can work on to look after themselves and ward off diseases. So we are excited with combining Physiotherapy, Chinese Medicine and Nutrition under the one banner of Supple Clinic.

Here at Supple Clinic, you and your family are our priority. For over 45 years our whole-body approach has helped tens of thousands of adults and children achieve long-term wellness and improve physical performance. People travel far and wide to come and see us. 

We are a body-positivity, non-dieting, evidence-based and spine aligned practice.

Our mission is to provide incredible person-centred allied health services to maximise your wellbeing. Here at Supple Clinic, we believe that you are a shining star and your life is worth fighting for - and WE are your game changer.

Welcome to Supple Clinic

Brendon and Elke 

Meet Brendon & Elke


Having grown up watching his father, Rodney Supple, renowned Chiropractor and Osteopath ... Brendon naturally followed his fathers foot steps. Well almost. Rather than exactly following his father, Brendon discovered other allied health career possibilities that Universities across Australia offered. One that caught his interest was a degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in Melbourne.

Brendon enjoyed the course work so much, that he also learnt Chinese language, writing and culture. That led him to complete his internship in China - the best place to learn TCM - under a joint University partnership. 

After that he returned to Adelaide to study Physiotherapy (closer to his father's foot steps). Brendon is one of very few practitioners in Australia with dual qualifications, such that he offers an extremely unique service to people looking for help with their chronic pain and multiple injuries, making him a sought after practitioner.  

Over his career Brendon has also served on the AACMA Board and has been a lecturer, teaching the valuable skills of TCM in Adelaide to students. Brendon has enjoyed working alongside his father, Rodney Supple, over the last 18 years.

Outside of work, you will likely find Brendon at the beach, enjoying family time or doing Tai Chi or Wing Chun. 

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2017 Elke square.jpg

Elke has always had an interest in helping others, which has drawn her towards her chosen career path today. For most of her career she has worked as a private practising Dietitian, under the name of Core Nutrition Adelaide, servicing many suburbs and training several dietitians over the last 18 years. 

She recovered from Bulimia eating disorder in her 20s, so she understands first-hand the psychological strains and on-going monitoring required. She also has first-hand experience, and family experiences of dealing with food allergies, emotional overeating, Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Asperger's Syndrome, Insulin Resistance, Fructose malabsorption, allergy to environmental triggers and chronic eczema.

Elke Supple has done further training in scientifically proven approaches including the Monash University Low FODMAPS diet, the RPAH Elimination (failsafe) Diet, the Ellyn Satter Institute Feeding Therapy, ASCIA Food Allergy training, Health At Every Size (HAES)® approach, the Non-Diet Approach (NDA), Motivational Interviewing (an effective counselling method), the Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) psychological method, and the Get Permission Approach (feeding therapy for anxious and sensory eaters). She utilises a range of skills to create a personalised plan just for you and your children.

As you can see, she has applied many of her skills to her own life, and to her children, whom have Autism (ASD).

When you meet Elke you'll see she is passionate about healthy wholefoods and cooking from scratch as much as possible. Outside of work you'll catch her having fun mucking around with her children, being outdoors, doing pilates or dancing.

Conditions we treat


Accident Injury

Sport Injury

Work Injury

Foot Assessments

Exercise Plans

Sports Performance

Developmental delays

Eating Disorders

Food Intolerances

Fussy eating

Gut Disorders

Hormone Imbalances



Developmental delays



Chinese herbal medicine

Eastern Medicine has been used for thousands of years to support many non-emergency conditions


Poor circulation

Raynaud's syndrome

Varicose veins

More information coming soon, in the meantime please contact us to receive more information

Why choose us?


The Supple family business has been operating for over 45 years. We have literally helped tens of thousands of clients all over South Australia, NSW, Victoria and Queensland to a happier and healthier lifestyle.
We look forward to helping you too!


Our practitioners are University trained and nationally accredited with their respective allied health boards in Australia. This means every year they engage in ongoing learning to be up-to-date with the latest research.
It also means you can use your private Health Fund to claim for all or part of your therapy fee.


We accept the following referrals:
  - DVA
  - NDIS
  - Return to Work SA
  - Medicare Chronic Disease Plan
  - Medicare Eating Disorder Plan
  - Motor Accident Insurance
  - Lawyer case assessment

Call us if you're unsure of your eligibility or learn more in our Fees.

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